The Habitats Directive as game changer for nature and law in the European Union: emerging trends and novel approaches

Leefmilieu Brussels, 13-14 December 2022 (hybrid)

© Kris Decleer


I. Challenges and policy: the EU Habitats Directive as necessary gamechanger in the Anthropocene?
Hendrik Schoukens

Hans Bruyninckx

Frank Vassen

An Cliquet (
II. Strategic biodiversity litigation as novel instrument: can we achieve system change via court room action?
Andrew Jackson

Valentijn Wösten

Jan Darpö

Delphine Misone (
III. Going beyond protected sites: will the EU Habitats Directive lead to more sustainable agriculture?
Ralph Frins

Jonathan Verschuuren

Dries Verhaeghe

Chris Backes (
IV. The unfortunate case of the Wild Hamster: is the EU Habitats Directive effective and resilient enough to save species from extinction?
Floor Fleurke

Harm Dotinga

Christoph Sobotta

Geert Van Hoorick (
V. Climate change and biodiversity: are we doomed to run behind the facts
Julien Bétaille

Alexandra Aragão

Nicolas De Sadeleer

Dries Van Eeckhoutte (
VI. Rights of nature: is the Habitats Directive granting legal rights to endangered habitats and species?
Karen Bradshaw

Elien Verniers

Yaffa Epstein

Marie-Sophie de Clippele (
VII. Adaptive management: more than a cover-up for business-as-usual?
Donald McGillivray

Lolke Braaksma

Betty Queffelec

Hendrik Schoukens (
VIII. Ecosystem restoration as a novel paradigm: reconstructing a paradise lost or new new future?
An Cliquet

Moritz Reese

Arie Trouwborst

Völker Mauerhofer (
IX. Enforcement 2.0: the inevitable lock on the door?
Jan Van den Berghe and Jomme Desair

Charles-Hubert Born

Jerzy Jendroski

Lorenzo Squitani (
X. Conclusion and outlook: building blocks for a more sustainable future?
Nicola Notaro (European Commission)